Life Safety for New Construction

Our multi-discipline engineering team works with you in the design phase to identify potential compliance issues, develops solutions that meet design intent and remains your partner throughout the construction process. We work seamlessly alongside the construction management team to make sure the fire, 生命安全, 机械, 电, structural (MES) and security systems installations are fully coordinated across all other disciplines. 医疗保健机构, we conduct drawing reviews to protect our clients directly, 皇家88账户注册 operates as the representative with and/or for the hospital, ASC和长期护理设施.


We identify potential issues with code compliance and fire attack to ensure the unique patient acuity in each area has been properly addressed in the protections required.


We provide a compliance review of 生命安全 drawings for the applicable edition(s) of the Life Safety Code® which may reveal design oversights, improper application or inaccurate code provision interpretations.


We assess your drawings and analyze how they complement best practices for fire safety and evacuation planning.


Our site visits serve as third-party field verifications. Spot-checks ensure as-built compliance with the applicable edition(s) of the Life Safety Code® and may take place at 50%, 75%和/或90%完成率.


  • 建筑的观察
  • 调试
  • Request for Information (RFI) Support
  • 工程判断
  • 建筑安全法规
  • Construction Activity Risk Mitigation