Our 丹麦 offices offer comprehensive fire safety consulting services for all clients. 皇家88娱乐的专家顾问提供建模, 系统设计, 调试, and other specialty services for fire detection, 抑制, 生命安全系统. 另外, our 欧洲an team provides forensic analysis, 能源和公用事业咨询, 电池存储解决方案, 以及其他利基产品.

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皇家88娱乐与开发人员合作, 业主, 工业用户, 架构师, 并要求官员识别风险, 评估规定, and implement optimal fire protection solutions. Our experts offer fire safety consulting for all building occupancy types and hold certifications for all fire classes and third-party inspection.


Our firm first opened its doors in 丹麦 in 2021 under the name BRANDGRUPPEN. 今天, as part of the world's premier fire engineering company, we preserve our local commitment while expanding the skills and solutions available to our clients.


  • 所有消防等级的认证
  • 第三方验证
  • 监督+控制
  • 建筑评论
  • 基于性能的设计



Market Leader, Certified Fire Consultant for BK2, BK3/4 + Third Party Verifier


Technical Director, Certified Fire Consultant BK2, BK3/4+Third Party Verifier

Michael Ravn Andreassen

Team Leader Vest, Certified Fire Consultant BK2, BK3/4+Third Party Verifier


Financial leader, Certified Fire Consultant for BK2, BK3/4+Third Party Verifier


Our experts provide fire safety consultancy for all types of building occupancies and are certified for all fire classes. In addition, we are certified for third-party inspection.

Our team is providing fire safety engineering plans to the airport extension, working alongside stakeholders to ensure that the fire safety reports are according to the 政府 regulations of fire safety in the newbuild areas.
Our Danish team of experts carried out fire safety engineering plans for this mixed used 21Ø building situated on the central corner of Vibenshus Runddel in 哥本哈根.




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Our team of Danish experts developed fire safety engineering for the new Ravnbakkeskolen LAB in Nye, 丹麦最大的新学校之一, using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and evaluation analysis.


皇家88娱乐在欧洲不断发展和成长. Committing to delivering excellence every step of the way, our team plays a critical role in ensuring safety and resilience for projects in different industries, 从商业, 政府, 氢气进入隧道, 基础设施, 和更多的. Learn more about our 欧洲an service offerings below.